We purchased the land on which Tironui stands in 1999.
The original intention was to use this as a life style block, but we were somehow persuaded that it would also be a great idea for us to do something with it and hence Tironui (meaning “great view”) was born.
Our label too represents a stylized view of the Hawke’s Bay coastline, as seen from the vineyard, leading out to Cape Kidnappers in the distance.
The hillside was terraced, new vines were planted and in 2005, we produced our first limited vintage of some 200 bottles.

Richard and Jennifer Brown


We have been very lucky since then to have had the services of Bruce and Anna-Barbara Helliwell, previously of Unison Wines in helping us produce of wine and more recently, those of Chris Harrison of Beach House wines who currently crafts Tironui for us.
The Vineyard is managed by Blake Herbison, with assistance from Grant Russell and we are also greatly assisted by David Batten in Auckland in marketing and promoting Tironui within New Zealand.
Richard has spent a lengthy career working globally with HSBC, which also explains the availability of Tironui in Malta, where we spent six years prior to moving to New Zealand.  Jennifer’s  family are very much based in Hawke’s Bay and our daughters currently attend Iona College in Havelock North.
We are constantly learning, and take great pleasure in seeing Tironui develop and progressively attract a strong following.